Paralympian, Mother, Wife and Candidate for Idaho House


My whole life has been a race.

First it was a race for the Olympics. And then when I was 16 I broke my back ski racing in Idaho and my race changed course.  I didn't give up and set my sights on competing in the Paralympics.  I was a gold medal ski racer, proudly representing the US on the podium.   And then I moved from winter sports to summer and became a gold medal bike racer. 

In 2016  I realized it was time for a new race. A race for Idaho, the state where I was raised in and where I formed my core values.  I am a mother, an athlete and a person with a disability. 

As a mother of a young daughter, I am passionate about education.   I want to be part of a race to the top bringing Idaho education to a new level. 

As an athlete and living in a place that has amazing public lands, I love to get out and play. I will ensure those lands remain accessible to us all.  

As someone who has a spinal cord injury, I have had way too many experiences with our broken health care system. Because of my injuries, I have experienced the best and worst our system has to offer. 

I know all too well if you don’t have affordable health insurance, you find yourself having to make a lot of hard decisions.  Staying in a bad job just because they have health insurance or struggling with how you can pay all your basic bills and have health insurance.  Or maybe you take the risk and go without and hope nothing happens and I don't think this is good for you or for Idaho.

I love our state  and I want to be part of the race to bring Idaho to the top.

Muffy For Idaho

505 E Croy St

Hailey, ID 83333

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